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I am please to offer my unqualified endorsement of Healthcare Office Support. In the past, I have done my own billing as well as employed other billing services. HOSA is simply the most cost effective and easiest solution to this time consuming, and often frustrating part of my practice. Their staff is easy to work with and have done everything possible to accommodate my particular billing needs. There have been many times that I have emailed HOSA a request for resolution of a billing issue to find a return email twenty minutes later informing me that the problem no longer existed. Given that patient and insurance billing are part of doing business, I cannot imagine better supportive billing services than that offered by HOSA. David Margolis, Ph.D.

“Having H.O.S.A. on board has changed my life!! Now instead of spending countless frustrating hours on the phone with insurance companies trying to track down unpaid claims I can devote more time to working with my clients. My income and cash flow are greatly improved not only because I am getting paid in a timely manner but because I am able to see more clients with the time saved on billing, etc. These guys are efficient, accessible, and results-oriented. Enlisting their services is one of the smartest business decisions I've ever made!"

Deborah Hanna, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and author of How To Put Sex Back Into Your Marriage

I've used HOSA since 2006 for private practice mental health/medical (psychiatry) billing. HOSA is friendly and helpful, to me as a provider as well as to people I serve who contact them about billing issues. I've appreciated having a specific staff person as my usual contact, being able to meet with HOSA staff face-to-face when I like, flexibility (e.g. starting up credit card service and varying reporting at times) and attention to follow-up billing details. HOSA is small enough to be personable, and big enough to have experience and organizational longevity. Do consider HOSA when you're shopping for billing services--it may be the right fit for your needs!

Bill Slaughter MD
Cambridge MA


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